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Emerald Gemstone (Panna): Benefits and How To Wear

emerald gemstones

Emerald, also popularly known as Panna, is the birthstone of May-born people. Here in this article, let us study some of the amazing benefits that this green gem serves you. 

To Get Success in Creative Ventures: According to astrological beliefs, Emerald Gemstone positively boosts the wearer’s creativity and imagination skills. This gemstone also allows the owner of the gemstone to become ideate and innovate in an effective way. Hence, wearing an emerald gemstone is considered highly useful for authors, PRs, artists, media representatives, etc.

Promotes Financial Growth: Emerald Gemstone is recognized as the ‘Gemstone of Prosperity’. Panna usually represents life and growth. Wearing a great quality Panna gemstone also benefits the wearer to achieve better income options and gain in finance. Most astrologers, thus, highly advise wearing the Panna stone for people who are working in banking, finance, share market trading or bookkeeping, etc.

Brings Wisdom & Intellect: According to Indian Vedic astrology, Planet Mercury (Budh) is believed to rule Intellect (Budhi). According to some of the mythical beliefs, an emerald gemstone or Panna Ratna can be used to achieve intellectual qualities. Astrologers used to place deep faith in emerald gemstones for acquiring wisdom. Emerald gem is also considered useful mainly for students qualifying for competitive exams.

Improves Physical Health: In several healing therapies, Emerald, the renowned May Birthstone, is deeply thought that wearing a Panna, also named Pachu stone, advantages individuals suffering from eye, ear, or skin-related problems. Panna Rashi ratan is regarded favorably potent also in treating speech-related conditions, nervous system disorders, and some other allergies of the respiratory tract.

Bestows Matrimonial Harmony: Emerald or Panna gemstone helps people who are facing stressful relationships in their life. The harmonious power of emerald gemstone promotes positivity and understanding between the partners. A famous poet has beautifully described this emerald gemstone benefit as –

“Who preferably beholds the light of day, In spring’s lovely flowery month of May, and swears an Emerald all her life, shall be a loved, and happy wife.” 

Refines Oratorship: This gemstone has numerous amazing benefits that help the wearer to fulfill their dream. Improvement in oratory skills is one of the most widely famous advantages of wearing an emerald gemstone. As per sacred Vedas, the Emerald or Panna stone is considered as the Vaani Karaka (Significator of Speech). The healing powers of Emerald gemstone help the individual in achieving trust and better expression mastery. Unnecessary to say, Emerald gemstone benefits people working in PR, Media, or Mass Communication-related roles, the most.


Gemstone: Emerald

Hindi Name: Panna and Budh Ratna

Hardness on Moh’s Scale: 7.5-8

Colors: Green

Origin: India, Afghanistan, USA, Pakistan, Australia, Italy

Ruling Planet: Mercury or Budh

Metal to wear: Gold


People from all over the world wear the Emerald gemstone in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, or green Emerald earrings of distinct designs and styles. By using these steps, you can wear green Emerald jewelry as per astrology.

Procedure to wear Emerald Gemstone: 

Step 1: Method to wear Emerald jewelry

  • Use raw cow’s or unboiled milk
  • Ganga Jal
  • Tulsi Leaves or flowers (based on the gemstone’s color)
  • Honey
  • Ghee
  • Sugar

Step 2: Now you need to purify the Emerald studded jewelry by dipping the gemstone jewelry in the panchamrit solution made by the stuff mentioned above for about 10 – 20 minutes. It is always advisable to face the East direction of Eshan Kone while it comes to purifying the gemstone jewelry.

Step 3: Pick the Emerald jewelry out of the vessel and after cleaning, cautiously place it on the offering plate covered with a red/yellow cloth.

Step 4: Now, before using the Emerald jewelry, offer flowers and also need to burn five incense sticks around the jewelry or gemstone and pray to the respective planet Mercury, requesting him to shower his blessings upon the owner of the gemstone.

Step 5: Now Pray to the god and recite the mantra for Mercury 108 times and wear while chanting the mantra 108th, wear the Emerald ornament. 

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